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Hello, I am Ashley Esposito.   I was born in Massachusetts, mostly raised in Southern Arizona, but have lived in several places.  I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland with my husband and son.  By day I am a tech professional and student pursuing a degree in Software Development.  I have always been passionate about ALL art.  Anything art related makes my heart happy. I first realized I wanted to be a photographer when I had a beat up mini digital camera and captured an amazing photo of my nieces on the boardwalk in Ocean City.  Even in my photoshoots, my style tends to be candid. I like capturing people when they are being themselves and in deep thought. .   I became an official photographer in 2013 and have been doing it ever since!  As you can see from my portfolio, I have a broad range of themes that I have captured.  I have been fortunate enough to capture weddings, events, products, sports events, and families.   I am most passionate about photojournalism and take opportunities when I can to capture that style on my own.



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