Do EVERYTHING that makes you happy

The way my life is set up….I have a LOT of interests that I love equally. I noticed recently that I have friends around me who do too. I was wondering how we all got here. How did we end up like this? LOL!

I hate the expression “Jack (or Jane) of all trades, master of none”. I’ve always dabbled in a little of everything when it comes to business and especially art. I definitely give props to people who have found their niche and solely focus on building that up. I am a strong believer that all of your talents can improve at the same time. In my case, there are things that I’ve learned in other jobs that carry over to unrelated work.

I work in the technology field by day and I’m also a painter, graphic designer, photographer, social media marketer, and occasional web designer. I love what I do for my day job. I like the process of creating databases or writing code because I feel like it is a creative process. The rest of the activities I do are freelance. I manage my own schedule and take jobs as they come.

For example:

~ Photography has helped me understand lighting and composition in my paintings

~ Graphic design has helped me improve in my photography editing

~ Painting has given a steady hand for graphic design and photography

~ Graphic Design, Photography, Art, etc. have made me a better Developer when it comes to user interfaces

~ I wouldn’t be a developer without social media. Shout out to Myspace for teaching me HTML LOL!

~ Helping others with social media marketing helps me build my own presence

What I have found is that by doing all of my side hustles simultaneously, there is a lot of cross promotion! Over the years, I’ve been able to work with the same person on multiple projects because I CAN wear several hats. So, if you have a lot of things that you love, do them all.